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Ugly accusations about Frost

Hard to know if this is sour grapes by a nasty fanbase, or if there is truth to it all. It does fit with the history of Neb head coaches being drunks (Devaney, Solich, Osborn, Pelini). Riley was clearly the exception.

Everyone knows of Frost's lack of character when he was on the cornhusker team (Lawrence Phillips episode for example), but it appears he hasn't matured from his college ways.

From Reddit
"Received this twice now from different members of the same golf group who were at Cap Rock with Dominic Raiola in August. He can't stand SF anymore due to how the recruitment of his son went down. I have posted before about how we dropped the ball on communication with the family after the Spring Game. Ohio State and Ryan Day slid in, put the full-court press on, and never looked back once NIL $ came into the discussion. Dominic allegedly told his group that they had a family get-together at his house in Scottsdale to host Frost. 15 or so family members. He said his son was still really into Nebraska until what happened that day. Frsot was scheduled to do an in-home visit with them. I don't think he knew they had extra guests over though. He called Dom and said "I can't make it, I've had too many margaritas and too drunk." Dom replies they have a houseful of visitors to meet Coach Frost and to chug some water and Dom would send SF a Uber to bring him over. Frost replied again "No I can't make it, let's do it by Zoom.* Dylan walked up to his dad and said "I'm not going to play for him" and that was the end of the convo. Family took Ohio State's call that night and Ryan Day and most of the offensive staff flew to AZ the next day for dinner. Made him a priority and that was that."


another post same reddit thread

I work at a prestigious golf course in central Nebraska and SF came out 2 years ago with coach Chin, Matt Davidson and a few others. Everyone was so excited to have him out and he turned out to be rude to staff, and the group drank heavily. The next morning multiple people claimed they were up partying until 6:30 in the morning. At first I thought man good for him to be able to come out and blow off some steam. The more I thought about it though… who in their 40s stays up til 6:30 drinking? Let alone a head coach of a place like Nebraska. I’m in my low 30s and I can’t stay up much past midnight no matter how good the party is. Definitely saw some red flags and it’s all starting to make sense."

I will say this about KD, he might be in over his head at his current job, but the guy seems to be a person of high integrity.

Link: Nebraska Football: Ugly accusations surface after Scott Frost’s departure

Posted: 09/22/2022 at 3:10PM


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