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"They" and "You", per Tucker (and a great friend in NY). Scary times indeed

On our bi-weekly Zoom call last night, one of my oldest friends - who is a lifelong Republican - brought up this article from the NY times on how Tucker shapes the hearts and minds of millions upon millions of viewers. He does this by framing us on the left as "the ruling class" who threaten "everything you believe in". It is pounding and pounding and pounding on THEY and YOU that makes him one of the highest paid personalities on TV.

It is politics based on fear, which is not really a new thing. The GOP has been doing this for decades. Only now we have these extremely toxic notions of "replacement theory", which is some grand plan orchestrated by Jews through immigration, gay people having less children, etc. These are notions SO absurd that you wouldn't believe it in a normal human conversation. You would think the person across from you is insane.

What is different today is that Carlson in particular is bringing it to a new level, teetering the message closer and closer to fascism. Need proof? One of the NYT data points is that Carlson invoked "The Ruling Class" in over 800 of 1150 shows that they analyzed Everything is talked about in terms of a loss of control, from guns to Covid restrictions to taxes to power to pot legalization ... except abortion, or gay marriage or anything deemed as "liberal priorities", I guess. He talked about Replacement Theory more than 400 times in that same span.

This has been done before, accusing "them" of wanting to control "you". Go look at Hitler's speeches in the mid-30s. That is EXACTLY what he was saying to the German public, along with "we are here to save you from them."

Amazingly, he's even now framing Vlad Putin as someone who is NOT the enemy, and he does this through his normally absurd rhetorical questions.

Scary times we live in, people. If you are a Fox TV watcher, you are part of the problem. And while you - NBOT conservatives - may say you despise Trump and everything his stands for, remember this: Trump is a symptom, not the problem itself. The PROBLEM is the ideology that you embrace by being part of this extreme, radical, rightward swing that has been happening for over 3 decades. Unless you opt out, you're part of it.

Link: NY Times interactive

Posted: 09/22/2022 at 12:01PM


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