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Hah! The great thing about this board is I get to be honest

My wife is amazing - and yes she sees and understands things that some of us don’t, She’s been wonderful as I’ve gone through different periods of mourning of the death of a child, housing another child, husband and kids when their house burned out in the Black Forest Fire, taking in my son lost to bi polar disorder and extreme paranoid delusions.

A good measure if my wife is the boundless number of friends she has, She made a good number of them as she reshaped the library and technology programs for the largest school district in Colorado Springs for a period of over 25 years, But since she has retired she continues to make new friends for every walk of life. Everyone I know is attracted to her as a person.

So yes - I’m proud of her and every aspect of her - including her unusual ability to comfort so many people through her readings.

And yes - I have a very broken son. But I do hang on to some good memories. When he was well as a teenager his high school cross country team took the state championship! I have photos from his days as a young child - eyes wide open and so excited to hit the slopes with me. And he is a smart smart guy - before his last psychotic break he had aced differential equations and introduction to signals in EE. Then he was gone - suddenly lost in paranoia and delusions.

As for me and lawyering. I’m proud of what I’ve been able to do over the last 40 years. Not too bad for a kid growing up impoverished and hungry, whose father’s last act was to blow his brains out in front of his 15 year old son. Toughest time of my life was calling my own sons mother and siblings to tell them he had died, Second toughest was to call my fathers father to tell him his son was gone.

I do think I’ve been too proud on this board about lawyering, There are great folks on this board who are lawyers - and have many great things to say - but they are humble and careful with their experience and their knowledge here.

And then there is the man I consider a friend who reminds me and (I think) others about how much better I or we could be. As far as Im concerned Back in Black sets a standard for decency, integrity and commitment far beyond what I have seen in most any other person. He is extraordinarily bright. His commitment to family and to teaching the next generation just truly humbles needs,

Well - there is a second great man on that same plain. I also made friends with him on this board - the great Buffdad. I had the honor of skiing with him and having dinner with him before he passed. I’m linking a part if a small exchange between us a few years back.

I don’t think you know Buffdads story - volunteered for Vietnam. Came from nothing to high level work at IBM and then the CIA. When his beloved wife was dying a slow lingering death from Alzheimer’s he got a day away and we had lunch together. Showed me a picture of her in her 20s. I said “Wow she was beautiful.” He shot right back - She IS beautiful. Such a magnificent love,

Just before closing is this note - you take your shot while Gate is fighting and can’t be here. I’ll tell you - if she was well and here she would kick your ass. We’ve stood with each other through thick and thin. She’s always had my back.

Anyways - your post did make me think of the amazing luck and blessings I have had along this long and winding road.

Thank you.


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