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A departure from the right wing BS: What's really happening at the border.

As I've been saying all along to a deaf right wing audience on this board, what is happening at the border has nothing to do with "Biden policies", which are the same as they were under Trump. The study from the American Immigration Council linked below gives the topic a thorough treatment. Lots of factors are involved, including the number of border agents on the job, the countries where these immigrants are coming from, families versus single men, and a ton more.

Some telling quotes:

"Almost immediately after lockdowns lifted across Mexico and Central America, the number of single adults coming to the border seeking to enter the United States began rising rapidly, from a low of 14,754 in April 2020 to 62,041 in December 2020. This was the highest number of apprehensions for a December in 15 years."

"The reasons that migrants chose to come to the border in 2021 are as varied at the people themselves. Many individuals from Guatemala and Honduras left because of growing food instability following years of drought and two major hurricanes which hit the countries in 2020 and devastated cropland. In March 2021, the World Food Program declared that millions of Hondurans and Guatemalans were in a nationwide “Crisis level” for food insecurity, with nearly one million people nearing the level of a famine. Violence and impunity also continued to be an issue throughout the region, causing many to leave."

"Throughout his first year in office, President Biden maintained the single largest border program in use by his predecessor: Title 42. Over the course of 2021, Border Patrol agents carried out 1,111,609 expulsions under Title 42, including over 150,000 parents and children traveling as a family. The broad use of Title 42 has not only had a negative effect on asylum seekers, it also paradoxically served to increase the number of border crossings. Title 42 has increased border crossings in large part by creating a situation where many people expelled back to Mexico make at least one additional attempt to cross the border."

"The first demographic that the Biden administration struggled to expel was families who were crossing the border in south Texas. Three days after President Biden took office, immigration officials in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas (which borders south Texas), told the Biden administration that it would not accept the expulsions under Title 42 of Mexican, Guatemalan, Honduran, or Salvadoran parents with children under the age of 7."

Despite all this, we'll keep hearing the nonsense, which evidently travels unfiltered from lying right wing media onto this board.

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Link: American Immigration Council

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