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Pipelines transport oil, they do not produce it. Talking points.

Nice effort regurgitating a bunch of things that would have contributed to the GLOBAL supply of oil, but would not have done squat to move the needle on what we pay at the pump here in the US.

Again - it is a GLOBAL market for the commodity known as oil. What we produce here does not stay behind the wall.

Again - if Joe Biden's policies could have changed what Trump's coronavirus did to the US economy, the whole world would be paying less at the pump. French citizens would be buying him baguettes in salute.

You guys on the right have been bending over big oil for decades now. Guess what it got us? High prices at the pump, Middle Eastern wars, 9/11, and a planet that won't be livable for humans soon. Maybe Big Oil needs to be bitch-slapped. Ever considered that?

Again and again and again - no president in the modern history has been able to move the supply-demand dynamics. You guys just seem incapable of understanding that.

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