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Here is a good article on PAC-12 Hockey...


Hockey would be played at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield. Hockey has taken off at ASU and they are talking about building an on-campus stadium. I think Utah, Oregon, and UoA (they have a deal with the Coyotes) are probably the closest PAC teams to make the jump. I sort of doubt it will happen in these uncertain economic times plus NIL (which could really take a chunk out of non-football or Men's basketball athletic donations), but who knows. If that were to happen, I think CU would at least examine the prospect.

For CU it comes down to MONEY, real estate/infrastructure, and budget exposure. When I say budget exposure, all of the Past CU AD's and Presidents have been scared of being put in a position to cut sports. Stanford did it, and it was not well received. CU is still somewhat haunted by cutting baseball in 1980.

Also, sadly, this this the right board to post on, because in reality CU's needs a better football team to drive a bunch more athletic revenue. In football, they have to be stable, competitive and play meaningful games in November.

Given the CU-South Campus political fight with the City/County, unfortunately CU is sort of landlocked as they have no place to add large sporting infrastructure + parking somewhere close to campus, that I know of. Even the soccer field on East Campus has very limited parking. Playing close to campus is a must, so I don't think the administration is interested at the 1st Bank possibility. I think within the last 7 years, CU did a cost-benefit & sport conflict analysis in making the CEC a joint basketball and hockey facility; and it was neither cost, infrastructure, or scheduling feasible. You can put ice down at the CEC, however it is used for some other things in addition to basketball.

Hockey would be a great sport to add for CU. I think it would be a good draw overall, but could be a great draw to entertain CU VIPs. The question is whether CU could build their own infrastructure to do it?? I think CU would want their own facility and use their own vendors, plus recoup costs for parking. Also, they would use the smaller facility for other sports, camps, and concerts. That endeavor would take a ton of $$, investment and probably a fight with the City/County.

They would have to look at doing something with Kronke, but that could be difficult if the AVs have some sort of relationship with DU... With all the in-state and regional teams, CU could be in one heck of a local tourney at the Pepsi Center.

Also, about 10-12 years ago, I heard the Rockies were working on some sort of a sponsorship deal to help the Buffs add Baseball/Softball and CU was sniffing around the idea. It would increase their PAC exposure in joining the PAC. It went nowhere with the administration. Part logistics, part real estate, and then ultimately money. They were looking at CU South, which is still locked in a battle with the City/County. The 2013 flood did not help things--the City and County cried floodplain for any South campus expansion, and sure enough a 2000 year flood occurred.

I'm unsure whether the recent fire(s) will help or hurt CU in the CU-South use fight. I think the City/County's wish was always for more open space acquisition plus flood mitigation, however without some development, they cannot really maximize flood nor wildfire mitigation. The December 30 fire, and recent fires past and subsequent on or near Open Space is forcing the City/County to rethink some of their aspirations. There were even two recent fires that forced evacuations on the back/south side of Martin Acres, which abuts the CU South property. I think that the City is slowly coming to the conclusion that they have to actively manage the Open Space for fire suppression, or they may face repercussions from neighboring communities. I think the County has reached that conclusion, but still wants more Open Space in general. I'm not sure where CU stands on the issue?? Do they have an interest in actively pursuing CU-South expansion.

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