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Don't you think its an attempt to intimidate and harrass?

Protest all you want. But protesting outside a judge's house? That is way out of line for me.
You can say all you want "these people just want to make sure that the judges know their feelings".
I'm pretty sure every member of the Supreme Court knows there is a tremendous amount of disagreement regarding their decision.
You can disagree with these Judges, even loathe them personally, even think they are out of their minds if you want.
But at the end of the day these Judges, all Judges, deserve respect. It is their duty to rule on these things. Its what Judges do. They should be able to know that their personal lives, their homes, their families aren't going to be involved in the job they have sworn an oath to do.
Protest in front of the courthouse.
And don't take this as me agreeing with Roe v. Wade being overturned. Its the exact opposite.

(In response to this post by cswilliam)

Posted: 05/12/2022 at 08:46AM


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