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I don't think that protesters should show up at private residences. But here's why I liked the article:

I agreed with the article about the chaos and intimidation that are present at women's clinics when patients arrive for appointments. Very often, the sidewalks and pathways to the front door are blocked by protesters who shout at patients, or try to touch them, or threaten that they are going to hell, or refuse to move, or film them with cell phones. That why clinic escorts are needed to get them past protesters to the entrance of the clinic.

When these clinics ask the city government to establish a buffer zone around the clinic or ask the protesters to move across the street to give patients more privacy, then the protesters appeal to the city attorneys that a buffer zone will restrict their free speech rights. Most cities want to avoid a lengthy trial for 1st Amendment abridgment, so they refuse the request for a buffer zone. This results in patients losing their privacy, as they are doxxed, harrassed, touch, yelled at, and blocked from entering. That's why the escorts are needed.

This article makes reference to the lack of privacy suffered by clinic visitors. A visitors could be going into the clinic for any number of reasons other than abortion. But if there is a protest going on, then their rights to privacy are taken away, especially if they are filmed, identified, and then have their information posted on social media.

For example, the city of Louisville, KY has been asked to grant a buffer zone around their clinic for this very reason. (this issue can be googled).
So, I think that both situations can be true. Justices can have their right to privacy at home, and clients at local clinics can have their privacy respected by establishing a buffer zone around the clinic. JMO -- B4E
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