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I’ll bite.

Kavanaugh and the rest have been reared in homes and places we cannot comprehend. Ascending from exclusive private prep academies, to Yale undergrad to Yale law - then to of all things the Kenneth Starr investigation then to the Second Circuit - then to the Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh sure as hell hasn’t known a bit of hunger, he’s lived a totally sheltered existence where all he was ever about was the building of a resume and the assemblage of power.

Kavanaugh lives in a world where the depredations of poverty and humiliation do not weigh - he has always lived in the ivory tower where he is praised and coddled. Where disdain for those whose lives have been awash in loss and tragedy is the common thread.

And we who live in the world that he so disdains - we watch him live and act in ways that consistently harm those with the smallest voice - and he is never forced to visit with them or hear them or extend them in person the least of dignities.

Oh he deals with the poor and suffering - but it is not them - it is lawyers who play games if intellectual whiffle ball built on tautological doctrines that disregard the poverty, the fear, the losses visited upon those who petition for justice. The true notion of JUSTICE fior the petitioners he rules over does not exist with Kavanaugh.

Perhaps the only way to ever know you have been heard - the only way to assure there is some manner of visiting him with moral accountability for his ivory tower decisions - is to picket his home.

I am sure it is a painful thing - being forced into some sembledge of presence by those whose lives you are impacting - and to see it at your own home.

But it seems there is no where else where he might directly witness the frustration and pain his is visiting on so many. We are invisible to him - an annoyance that he is shielded from everywhere else -

including his office.

(In response to this post by The Midnight Toker)

Posted: 05/12/2022 at 02:22AM


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