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Speaking of this topic, here's the announcement about the need to keep

protest peaceful and within the law. This is a story about the WH press briefing. I'll print an excerpt here. Notice how the call for non-violent protest from this adminisration contrasts from the previous president shouting to go up there and fight like hell- then his lawyer got up and yelled "trial by combat."
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki bristled when Fox News White House correspondent Alexandria Hoff asked if President Joe Biden would condemn the Supreme Court leak and the “doxing” of justices “now that we’ve seen violence unfold?”

At Monday’s press briefing, the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade remained a hot topic, particularly the protests that have been occurring outside the homes of conservative justices.

AP correspondent Will Weissert kicked off the questioning by noting “there’s a law of Virginia that actually prohibits protests outside private residence, even when done peacefully,” and asking “if any sort of demonstrations outside of private homes might run afoul of that law and other laws like it in other parts of the country.”

Psaki replied that “Yes, we are a country that promotes democracy, and we certainly allow for peaceful protest in a range of places in the country,” but that “None of it should violate the law; no one is suggesting that. And it should never resort to violence, to threats, to intimidation in any way, shape, or form.”

Hoff then asked Psaki if the president condemns the leak, and drew a clarification from Psaki — that “We have not seen violence or vandalism against Supreme Court justices” — with the wording of her question:

MS. HOFF: Does the President plan to condemn the leak of the Supreme Court draft opinion or the doxing of the justices, now that we’ve seen violence unfold?

MS. PSAKI: Well, I would say that we have been clear and the President’s position has long been that we should not see protests that takes the form of violence, that takes the form of vandalism, and that threatens anyone. That has long been his position for his entire career and continues to be his position.

MS. HOFF: And, for tomorrow, your office released that —

MS. PSAKI: But can I say one more thing? Sorry.

MS. HOFF: Please do. Please do.

MS. PSAKI: We have not seen violence or vandalism against Supreme Court justices. We have seen it at Catholic churches. That’s unacceptable. The President does not support that.

We have seen it at some conservative organizations. That — we don’t support that. And we certainly call for — we know the passion. We understand the passion. We understand the concern. But what the President’s position is that that should be peaceful — the protests.

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Link: Protests should remain peaceful

Posted: 05/11/2022 at 01:57AM


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