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Would like opinions on this.

My sons gave me a gift cert. to Blackbelly restaurant in Boulder for my birthday. For those that don't know, the owner won a season of Top Chef 10 or so years ago. The menu pricing is not outrageous, and the food is good. I would say my Waygu steak (still reasonably priced) was no better than a good ribeye I can grill at home. But I digress.

The waitress pointed out some wording at the bottom of the menu saying that 20% would be added to the bill. I just now looked it up online and this is what it says: "It is our mission to ensure fair wages for all members of our team. Therefore, a 20% Fair Wage and Wellness Fee is added to guest checks. This is not a tip."

My first thought was if you want "fair wages" than pay them fair wages and build it into the price. Can you think of any other (at least non-restaurant) arena that asks you to pay their employees--and it "is not a tip"? The waitress said that waitstaff gets 10% of that. I did tip her an additional 10%. She did a good job.

Am I off-base being slightly--not overly--miffed at this approach? One could say you could pay a higher menu price or do it this way--what's the diff? And yes, I know, they have service charges in Europe--and you tip a max of 10%.

Posted: 05/11/2022 at 12:51AM


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