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Here's a story about when I was walking in front of the White House

several years ago on a hot summer day. I was walking with my head down, texting my husband on where to meet me, because he had gone on ahead to one of the museums.
Every day, there are protesters outside the WH, with signs taped to the wrought iron fence that was put up after Sept. 11. This day, it was an anti-abortion protest. That's pretty common, I think.
I wasn't paying any attention or looking at them, because I was texting my husband. A woman came running after me, yelling "Hey ! Hey ! Look at this! Don't pretend you didn't see !" She had a large picket sign, with a photo of a baby covered in blood. I turned around to face her, because I thought she might hit me with her sign. She yelled, "This is what abortion looks like ! Look at it ! Don't pretend you cannot see it."
I told her, "Ma'am, I am trying to catch up with my husband right now, and I'm trying to get out of the heat. I'm not pretending anything, ma'am, I just need to keep walking." She put her sign at her side and went back to join her group.
I was concerned, because I am older, and I thought they might hit me with their signs. But there were no police around. There was no one to report the incident to.
I think these kinds of protests about any cause are so common in D.C., that the WH tries to stay non-involved. I think they happen every day, at least half a dozen or more. I think they leave it to the Capitol Police, who have a really busy job. - B4E

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