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Some parts of the post are incorrect. The unemployment rate is extremely low, and jobless claims are about the lowest in decades. The economic recovery has been about the fastest in app. 40 years.
SCOTUS ruled against vaccine mandates for companies, but left it in place for health care workers in facilities where Medicare/ Medicaid is in effect. That’s most all hospitals & congregate care facilities.
The inflation is affecting almost all industrialized nations throughout the world. It seems to be driven by demand for goods and services as industrialized recover from the pandemic.
EBN has a tendency to write his opinions as undisputed facts. So his writing sometimes takes on the tone of baiting or taunting. William writes an opinion as an opinion.
If we want to critique 2 presidents equally, then we could compare Obama to Bush 43, or we could compare Clinton to Reagan, or Bush Sr. to Carter, etc. Then we could say that both sides here had the right to offer equal criticism. This assumes that when one party is in power, then the other party will complain, and vice versa.
But. I cannot see any moral equivalence between the former pres and any other Pres in American history. There’s no moral equivalent to the scope of that treachery and debauchery.
There’s no equivalence, and that’s why the tone of the writing or the message, “ nya, nya, nya, this guy Biden is a failure “. sounds like trolling and taunting.
If you want to do a “both sides” debate and compare Biden to one of the Bush presidents , or Biden to Reagan, or Biden to Obama, etc. etc. then of course, that’s fine.
In that case, you’re comparing apples to apples.
Otherwise, to say that Biden is a failed pres after not even a year in office, and therefore the former guy is vindicated, is like comparing apples to green cheese on the moon. It’s really difficult. — B4E

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Posted: 01/14/2022 at 08:03AM


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