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The Scotus decision does let employers off the hook.

This decision feels like the work of an ACTIVIST COURT if ever there was one, but in some ways it'll let employers off the hook.

I work for a big tech firm in financial services, and until now they've been requiring NOT that everyone get vaccinated, but that they cannot return to the office unless they've been vaccinated. Absolutely nobody I speak with had a single problem with the policy, in fact my colleagues have been really complimentary about their approach.

But now they have a few options, it seems to me. (CSW or others in law might have an opinion here.) My company can continue doing what they're doing, as long as they don't terminate based on failure to get the jab. Flipping that around, they'd appear to be largely protected from lawsuits claiming they didn't do enough to maintain a safe work environment. "We wanted to mandate the vaccine but were not allowed to. What else could we do?"

The Biden Admin was perfectly justified in fighting for the mandate. NOBODY, not on this board or in the juvenile right wing media channels, can claim the admin didn't do all they could to eradicate the virus. They tried and they were shot down by the judicial wing. So be it, moving on. Time to find the next opportunity to call out conservative obstructionism, chicanery, and general fuckery. There are plenty of fights to pick out there in advance of November.

The Dems will be wise to turn this into a moral victory in the mid-terms. It's right there for the taking.

Posted: 01/14/2022 at 01:46AM


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