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BLM is a movement that began after the George Zimmerman acquittal.

It originated due to the long long string of black killings by police and others that appeared to be crimes - but nothing was done.

Zimmermans acquittal remains a stain on the soul of this nation, and it was that event that started a grassroots movement proclaim - our lives matter as much as anyone else’s.

There are nuts everywhere. I have no idea if you saw a website that argued for the destruction of America. Sadly - you do have the unfortunate history of inventing some facts on this board.

But rest assured - the vast majority of the BLM movement are just like me - committed to an America where blacks, browns and whites all have exactly the same standing in the creation and administration of the laws of 5his nation, entitled to the same protections.

This week we witnessed the release of African Anerican Kevin Strickland from 41 years of wrongful imprisonment in Missouri prisons. Even after a deeply vetted newspaper exposed the fraudulent prosecution, and the prosecutors office announced announced that the poor soul was wrongfully convicted, and should be released - Missouri’s Governor refused to grant a pardon. It took another year to pass a bill to permit the courts to release upon the petition of the prosecutors office.

I would like to believe you care about racial injustice.

Happy thanksgiving.

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Posted: 11/25/2021 at 4:08PM


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