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Thinking about the Buffs QB Room

One of the many things that has concerned me the last few years is the instability at the QB position. Look at most successful programs and you'll see a pipeline of players being groomed for their turn to start. Some will transfer because they know they are good enough to start now at another top program. If QB1 goes down, QB2 steps in and does a capable job.

Sefo was the clear starter in 2016. He was gritty and tough but having him as the starter was a clear sign that CU was not strong at QB. When Sefo graduated, Montez, Noyer and Lytle battled to take over the reins. Montez won and was a three year starter starting in 2017. Stenstrom joined the QB room in 2018. It appeared CU had their pipeline (and depth) in place with Montez, Noyer, Lytle, and Stenstrom. This was reinforced in 2019 when Noyer was moved to Safety. It gave fans the impression CU was so set at QB that QB2 could be moved to another position.

It all fell apart in 2020. Lytle and Stenstrom left. Noyer had to be moved back to QB from S. There was ZERO experienced depth. KD had little to work with at QB. 2021 isn't much better. No junior or seniors at QB. The only sophomore is injured all season. Lewis has minimal experience and there is ZERO experience behind him.

KD has to plan for the future around Lewis, Shrout, and Carter. Their grooming and learning has just started. The offense has been so bad that it's been almost impossible to get backups in for reps.

My point, folks, is that it's going to be a long, bumpy ride before we start to see solid, consistent play at QB. This group is extremely young and inexperienced. It doesn't help that the OL play has been very poor.

(Notice also the number of QBs since 2017 who have appeared and disappeared from the roster very quickly without any meaningful contribution. I don't even know what happened to many of those guys)

Brenden Lewis- Fr.
JT Shrout- So. (injured)
Drew Carter- Fr.
Jordan Woolverton- Fr.
James Mott III- Fr.

Sam Noyer- Sr. (moved back to QB from S)
Brenden Lewis- Fr.
Michael Chandler- Fr.
Dylan Jacob- Sr.
Grant Ciccarone- R Fr.

Steven Montez- Sr.
Tyler Lytle- So.
Blake Stenstrom- R Fr.
Josh Goldin- Sr.
Grant Ciccarone- Fr.
Matthew Ryan- Fr.

Steven Montez- Jr.
Sam Noyer- So.
Tyler Lytle- R Fr.
Blake Stenstrom- Fr.
Josh Goldin- So.

Steven Montez- So.
Sam Noyer- R Fr.
Tyler Lytle- Fr.
Tyler McGarry- R. Fr.
Casey Marksberry- R. Fr.
TJ Patterson- Sr.

Posted: 11/25/2021 at 12:40PM


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