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BLM blowback is still happening, and is SO revealing

These exchanges around SJW and ‘wokeness’ got me thinking today as I was driving around, shopping in preparation for the holiday.

The BLM movement was intended to say “Hey, our lives matter too!” Instead, many conservatives became convinced that the message was, “They’re saying black lives matter more than other lives!” That was NEVER what was meant, yet that still seems to be the prevailing narrative on the right.

I believe this is the reason for this opposition to ‘wokeness’, the Social Justice Warrior movements, and other attempts to finally level the playing field. Those movements simply are intended to point out that oppression and racism are part of our history, so we should acknowledge that by ‘waking up’. Perhaps in this way we can put those old bad habits behind us. As an older white guy, I do not find that threatening in the least.

Why do I think this continued BLM blowback is revealing? Because some white people are SO used to getting their way that when another group wants to be treated fairly in their cars, in their homes, in their schools, at home, etc., some of us white people think we’ll lose something. The white right seems to think that there’s only so much fairness and decency to go around, that it’s a zero sum game. It is not and never has been, yet I can think of no other rational explanation for the opposition.

(Opinion only: This is all a continuation of the utter unwillingness to acknowledge that black and brown people have been subjugated in this country since day one. Do we need further proof than the Ahmaud Arbery murder, the verdict of which landed correctly today? History is jammed with stories just like that one. Racism in this country is still thriving, and that cannot be denied. While I’m not accusing anyone on this board of racism, your opposition to these movements means that you allow racism. Otherwise you wouldn’t feel threatened by movements to end it, would you? Because that is EXACTLY what SJW and wokeness are.)

NOW, if you were to be honest and admit our country’s mistakes, of which you probably had very little responsibility for, I’m guessing you’re afraid you might lose something. Is that accurate? OR is your opposition because you’re concerned these ideas might become violent?

Two words: January Sixth. You’re afraid that a BLM-inspired January Sixth is coming. Am I right? Obviously that time has passed, yet you continue to oppose Americans ‘waking up’ to our past national mistakes. I'm fishing for answer here, guys.

In response to this post, I’m sure I’ll get the usual dismissive, arrogant replies. That’s what you get from bigots, who are always predictable and rarely disappoint. But perhaps I’ll get some thoughtful ideas explaining why I’m off base. The odds are against that, but here’s hoping.

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