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The sheriff's deputies are patrolling the Safeway where I went to pick up

a few extras for Thanksgiving. Gov. Newsom visited to see the damage. He says it is a very serious situation, run by large organized crime gangs of the drug cartels. He says that spending must be increased exponentially on law enforcement to keep the city safe. He says that he has zero tolerance for this kind of violence. Armed sheriff deputies are on duty at the Safeway where I went this morning.

Does that sound like some kind of demonstration by SJW about Rittenhouse to you? The governor doesn't think so. The Chief of Police doesn't think so.
The D.A. doesn't think so. Where is the evidence of a civil rights protest by SJW?
This is my town. I live here. I think I know more about this horrible situation than someone in Colorado who giggles and snickers, "Oh, the SJW must have thought they were at the Bastille, hahaha.
Do I come on and write snark about energy/fuel threads with detailed comments about Colorado oil and gas? No. I STFU and say to myself, "I don't know anything about this, so I will read silently and learn about it."

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