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Yet Polar Ice is increasing and is at the 2004-2013 averages

The left keeps screaming that Global Warming is "settled science" while we have real world data that suggests maybe it's not warming as humans perceive.

The attached is the Danish Metrological Institutes' current polar ice measurements that show Polar Ice has been increasing and is currently at the average of 2004-2013.

I believe it was 2004 when Al Gore declared that the North Pole would be Ice Free in 2020.

Then we have the South Pole that just experienced its coldest winter on record.

What other "settled science" have humans declared?

The earth being flat was settled science.

That the sun rotated around the earth was settled science.

In the earlier 20th century, it was settled science that if you were gay, you were mentally ill.

The hubris of human beings makes us think we really understand planetary climate change and have the ability to influence it.

Is the climate changing? Absolutely.

Is it good policy to pursue low polluting energy sources that are cost efficient? Absolutely.

But forcing high cost green energy, before the technology is reliable and cost efficient, is bad policy.

Especially when the science behind all the global warming policies did not include input from the Sun, the #1 source of temperature on Earth.

(In response to this post by cswilliam)

Link: http://ocean.dmi.dk/arctic/icethickness/thk.uk.php

Posted: 11/24/2021 at 10:42AM


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