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Just got back from Boulder. Did Midnight Mel have a good day?

Oh I guess not. 49-0 at halftime. Sweet.

Seriously, that was a really fun win. So glad to send our Seniors out that way. I'm agreeing with all the criticisms of the O play calling, but I have to say that our D wasn't that special for much of the day. 3rd down defense - WTH??? Carson Wells was amazing today, and our D line was in shut-down mode, but our schemes looked unprepared on obvious passing downs. We were all joking, the D today could be called "bend, bend, bend beyond recognition but don't break." Crazy.

Great game to finish this season. Great to see B. Lewis growing into the role, but he still is not anticipating where his receivers will be. I personally this kid is going to be a GREAT Buff by the time his playing days are over.

Go Buffs!

Posted: 11/20/2021 at 8:24PM


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