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Classic liberal stereotype…a personal story to illustrate

I am fortunate to have a job where I get to engage on a personal level with people from all different walks of life in our state. Can very interesting as on one day it might be at the top ladder and the next day the bottom. One late afternoon I was sitting in my truck outside a small-middle school located in a rural, Christian, white dominated part of our state, waiting to meet with one of the locals who was going to take me around to see some sites that were of interest to me and my job.

As school let out I was watching the kids run out of doors playing with each other and greeting the parents when I noticed 5 or 6 African-America kids among the playful chaos. This seemed odd given the area and the fact that there were no African-American adults. Anyway, after about another hour, the person I was waiting for finally showed up. He suggested we take is truck as the roads we would be going on were rough and he did not think the vehicle I had would make it. Low and behold, when I get in the truck there is a African-America boy sitting in the back seat named Gabe. Anyway, I spend the next 8 hours driving the roads with them while having the opportunity to hear their stories and thoughts about life in general. Gabe was incredibly enthusiastic, curious, and game for just about anything. A real joy to be around.

Turns out Gabe was born to a drug addicted mom and abandoned in a hospital in Los Angles. Due to his biological mother’s drug abuse he had numerous health issues at birth including a defective heart. Despite these issues and likely because of them Gabe’s parents adopted him at the age of 2. By the age of 14, he had already had four open heart surgeries. Turns out in addition to Gabe, his parents had also adopted three other children of similar circumstances along with two their own. A huge accomplishment when you saw how hard they had to work to make ends meet. I asked why they had chosen to take on such a huge challenge and Gabe’s dad told me it was because that’s were they and their ‘white fundamentalist’ church saw the greatest need.

That was all a couple of years ago. I recently was in the area and wanted to check in to see how they were doing. Was very sadden to hear that Gabe had recently passed away from heart failure. I felt a hole form in my stomach and could see the pain in Gabe fathers face and voice as he told me the story. In spite of the loss, the other kids were happily playing and you could see the joy of their household was intact. And then I saw, low and behold, another two year old addition sitting in the kitchen on a high chair demanding dinner.

There is so much more to life then stereotypes. Don’t become a victim.

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