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A school can totally rig the system to win at the college level

It is absolutely ridiculous that Alabama could outbid CU for Sark when CU wanted him as head coach and Alabama as an OC.

The top schools with the biggest budgets are clearly playing by a completely different set of rules.

Better (and more) coaches. How many QC coaches does Saban have? What is Alabama's recruiting budget compared to CU's? 5 times higher? more?

Paying for the best players (I am still waiting for Auburn to suffer some sort of sanction for paying Cam Newton $200k in order to win a NC). Now with NIL, Saban boasts that he has QB's on the roster than haven't taken a snap and yet earn nearly $1M.

Academic fraud - Most of Alabama, Clemson, etc players graduate in 3 years so they can be shown the door, without repercussion, if they are not football productive. Many of them graduate in "football degrees." Graduate programs for "graduated" players at both Alabama and Clemson are done online. I looked at Clemson's graduate program that most football players enroll in. One has to get permission to be enrolled it it (I suppose it keeps individuals like myself from enrolling and getting an advanced Clemson degree without actually doing anything.)

Best Facilities - nuff said

PED's for all - How many times have Clemson players been popped before the playoffs for using SARM's? The worst thing about it is I think Clemson is giving this stuff to the players without telling them exactly what they are taking, only that it is a supplement and it will help then get stronger.

After Saban dies, he will be remembered as the greatest college coach of all time and I bet they will name the NC trophy after him. But for me, the most telling thing about the guy is when he tried to coach at a level where things are mostly equal (NFL) he failed. Coached two years, had a losing record, and retreated back to college where he knew he could skew the game in order to guarantee results.

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