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Well - those are the facts - and they are ugly.

A high school ckass was assigned to read Beloved. Beloved is based on the facts of what it meant to be a slave in the south. And yes - those facts included rape and sodomy.

Mommy tells us her poor hug school senior was traumatized (reslly - I kid you not). she gets legislator to write a bill saying saying schools have to get permission from parents or their kids don’t have to participate in the reading any assigned book that the parent finds sexually offensive.

I hit is poppycock. Books with sexual references have long been part of the American high school curriculum. Cather in the Rye, To Kill s Mockingbird, The Color Purple, 1984.

The list. Goes on. But Beloved - a great novel by a great writer - well it’s true focus was in what it meant to be a slave. And somehow this book - with no Aunt Jemimas - is become the focal point of conservative and 62’s whiny sobbing about parents not having a voice.

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Posted: 11/02/2021 at 08:07AM


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