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'62--What do you mean by your statement further down? Clarity please?

"Ignore that Dems are telling parents you have no role in what your kids can be taught in schools."

Schools (public) in this country are run by school boards, which are elected residents of that district. Usually, the folks that run for school boards are parents of kids that have been or or in that school district. There are some that run for political reasons (see DPS in the 80s and DSCD in 2013).

School boards hire and fire superintendents and approve all contracts of teachers, coaches, etc. School boards approve curriculum, which usually comes from the state school board, which also has elected personnel. A teacher that deviates far from the curriculum on a regular basis is leaving themselves open to grounds for violation of contractual duties.

So, exactly what Democrat has specifically told parents they have no role in what is taught in schools? If some idiot politician has told parents they have no role, then that person is wrong. An educated person would just laugh at whatever politician said that, because that politician has no say in you being involved in your school as a volunteer reader, board member, holding chains at middle school football, fund raising for the band and countless other things that parents can do to help their kids and their school.

What I think is more concerning are the few parents who want to have the curriculum designed just for their kid, so they can control what their kid learns as opposed to learning from planned, organized, researched curriculum approved by state and local school boards.

I was a math teacher, so I deal in an exact science. 2x=9, x will always be 4.5. But other subjects have liquid curriculum, meaning it changes as more discoveries are made, more music produced, new books are released. Different interests come up in fitness and art.

In social studies, which is where unfounded conspiracy theories lie, changes as more things are discovered and uncovered. In the '60s, we weren't taught much about post Civil War South other than reconstruction and that carpetbaggers were evil (which is mostly true). Not much was taught or was mentioned about Jim Crow laws, white Northerners and Southerners treatment of Black citizens along with the terrible atrocities the US Cavalry delivered to Native Americans. We did hear about poor old General Custer though and how he fought bravely. Then they discovered and/or released more info about him and the textbooks were rewritten. Accurate history can be revealing and be painful, but it needs to be told.

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