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I read the "article" and I found it full of crap...just a repeat of...

what the Biden haters have said for the last year or more.

Yeah, Hunter is/was a mess. He was hooked on drugs and alcohol. He lived in his brother's, the hero, shadow. He probably felt his whole life he could never measure up and maybe the trauma the three of them, dad and two brothers suffered after losing half their family and going through it left him emotionally not capable of dealing with it all.

BUT, I really don't think his story, as painful and messy at it is, is worth some government snooping/investigation because it's really a personal issue and pretending to justify a need for an investigation is just an invasion of privacy. And it HAS been investigated and Joe Biden was found to have had no role in anything illegal or even unethical.

Shit....I remember Billy Carter and how he was some big problem for his brother, the president. Why do some people insist on looking in closets for skeletons when skeletons were openly walking around the halls of the White House and privy to top secrets and were working as part of their father's staff without any type of clearance except by order of their unethical, liar father?

As to his high priced art and paintings...if people like it and are willing to pay big bucks for it, why should anyone care? I'm pretty sure it isn't about out in the open money laundering, like the Deutsche Bank is being accused of.

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Posted: 10/15/2021 at 2:09PM


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