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Valid question...

There is the possibility of a tackle for no gain or tackle for loss. There is the possibility a 1st down pass is completed for a 20 yard gain. These things happen. It's all about risk and reward.

Ideally, offenses should always have two advantages over the defense. The O knows the play and the O knows the snap count. If the OL is stronger than the people they are blocking, a punishing running game should wear the D down as the game progresses and that advantage becomes more and more pronounced. The 5-yd. runs become 10-yd. runs. A speed advantage does not become more pronounced as the game progresses.

I saw data years ago that shows that it is easier and "safer" (fewer turnovers. fewer QB hits, fewer mistakes, etc.) to consistently gain a few yards running the ball than to complete passes. This all depends, of course, on the personnel and schemes. Plus, there is the added benefit that the opposing offense can't score if I have the ball. ToP is a semi-meaningless stat but ball control at a minimum usually helps keep the total points closer than it would otherwise be. There are exceptions but ball control is generally good.

IMO it's far easier and more beneficial for a team with substandard talent (like CU) to establish a strong running game than a high-flying passing attack. If nothing else it's burns the clock and CU only loses by 20 instead of 40. LOL. (I seriously coached at a HS that switched to the option because our talent levels were so low compared to our opponents that we wanted an offensive system that burned the clock as quickly as possible. Desperate times call for desperate measures)

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