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I agree 100 percent with this, "So, no one expected him to win nomination, let alone the election." I was in that boat.

I think HRC was just such a divisive, polarizing person for many Republican voters that they overlooked Trump's character and lack of political background. His platform too was genius. He and mostly, his people, get A-grades for it as it spoke to people's beliefs about the problems in their lives and how government is a mess.

HRC ran on a platform that made people uneasy. Was there some sexism that hurt her? Probably. But many women on the Right didn't trust her either.

I do believe this country will elect a woman president yet that person will have to appeal to a least some significant segment of male voters (no matter how much society hates them) and yes, more conservative women (they still exist, they are not extinct). So, in essence, someone more moderate and less extreme.

But I digress (I'm sorry)I have no idea why anyone would stump for Trump. To me, that is miscalculation of risk for their career.

What it says to me is that people on the Right (not extremists) are really disappointed in how they see Joe Biden (sorry Ms. Gateway, my loveable, contentious friend) as way too far Left of Left and they see their vision of the country not being represented.

I do think JB is trying hard and will improve the country in some ways (see Gateway, I don't hate him) but the man and his party are not without errors in leadership.

I respect that cswilliam, Gateway, you and I see things differently. You might prove correct and I will look the fool. I just don't see Trump (who might not even be alive) being the next President or anyone he likes being the nominee or elected. He's incredibly popular, yes, but with a smaller segment of the population than you need for election, IMO.

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