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Biden Admin are MORONS about Energy - Asking US companies....

to do something about the high cost of energy.

Give me a break. Biden comes into office screaming how evil oil companies are and literally puts the screws to the industry in everyway possible which led to lower US production and increased dependence of foreign sources of oil.

The #1 reason energy prices have been low for an extended period was US Oil Production.

US Oil increased global supplies to the point where prices dropped, benefitting all.

According to Reuters, the Biden Admin is now asking Oil Companies to do something about these high prices.

The prices have gone up because of Biden's punishment of the industry and the resulting cut backs in production.

But of course the same Administration that thinks an open border is border security wouldn't understand that limiting oil production through government action would lead to higher prices.

That old 2+2. Less supply to meet demand equals increasing prices.

Just wait till we all get our heating bills this winter. With natural gas prices up 10X, we all will be paying significantly more to keep our homes warm over the next 6 months.

Just another increasing bill that squeezes low and middle income families the most.

Link: https://www.reuters.com/business/energy/white-house-asks-us-oil-and-gas-companies-help-lower-fuel-costs-sources-2021-10-13/

Posted: 10/13/2021 at 3:19PM


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