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CU's failure and insanity will never end unless the following happens

What CU has been doing all along is tantamount to buying lottery tickets in the hope of becoming rich. It is a waist of money and more importantly time.

CU needs to dig down and spend the money to hire/steal a current, proven, successful P5 HC or OC or DC that can recruit and then pay enough to retain his choice of top notch assistant coaches. It might be painful to spend the money up front but as an investment it would pay huge dividends and refill the coffers. Yes, there is risk in CU becoming a top ten, playoff relevant team.

Has the CU admin ever had the backbone for spending money on top notch coaches? It seems like they only search in lower places for cheap hires and hope for the best, or fail to retain quality hires.

Bill McCartney is a contrasting case. On one hand he was a relatively inexpensive hire with no college headcoaching experience. On the other hand he was hired from Michigan where he had risen from being a high school hire to defensive coordinator in eight years. As the HC he struggled for 4 years before succeeding. Ultimately, many of his unproven and affordable assistants proved to be very talented. I think he was a one-in-a-million hire.

Can CU afford to continue buying lottery tickets in the hope of finding another McCartney? In this day and age, the answer is simply NO.

Either the CU admin is insane (because they do the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome) or satisfied with perpetually being in the bottom quarter of a P5 conference with lower tier bowl games every decade or two. As a fan, maybe I'm insane. I'm certainly not satisfied.

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