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600,000 emails from within the WFT offices

Sorry to keep posting about the Gruden thing here, but I didn't start it and I don't go to the pro sports board, so there.

Gruden wasn't a part of the WFT or the 'investigation' being conducted by the NFL regarding their misdeeds. He literally was collateral damage, getting in trouble (well deserved) for a handful of emails he sent the GM of the WFT while he was an announcer, for crying out loud. He had nothing to do with any of it.

Can you imagine some of the gnarly shit that must be in those emails within the office? Imagine everyone who has absolutely nothing to do with the WFT who has to be worrying because they sent an email 10 years ago to their buddy who works over there? And I assume we are talking EVERYONE, not just the owner and GM, but the secretaries and equipment managers.

EBN asked me below about someone reading my emails (or anyone for that matter) and if I could weather that storm, so to speak. It is one thing if my place of employment was under investigation and they had access to all my emails. But the thought that some other firm was being investigated and, as a result, all the correspondence I sent them goes from being private to public information? That is some scary stuff. If Gruden was emailing naked WFT cheerleader pics, he definitely got them from someone in the organization, I assume.

I think this story is about to get crazy. The NFL can compel Tom Brady to turn over his cellphone to investigate deflategate, they are truly Big Brother. Do not F with the league.
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