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Misinformation and disinformation are very real

And she believes in a horse dewormer as prevention or protection? I wonder if people listen to what they say?

This is good: "if 100 people are in the hospital with a serious case of COVID - 95 of them didn’t take the vaccine." Some people still don't believe.

I believe in liberty as long as it's not lawbreaking or immoral yet that leaves a wide space for people to make decisions that don't serve them or others well.

I do believe the vaccine could be contributing to negative outcomes or horrific ones for people and I respect some people are worried about effects down the road. I get it. Yet maybe they should also consider how their body might react to COVID and if they have "long COVID."

It's definitely a game of odds but where is the least amount of risk? Play the odds and hope for the best.

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Posted: 10/13/2021 at 01:34AM


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