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My ranking of the CU head coaches since McCartney abruptly retired.

Highest to lowest, taking into account success at recruiting and on the field

1-Barnett (brought back some toughness and competitive football, recruiting was okay, but not at Big XII South levels)--gave fans a league title and several bowl games
2-Neuheisel (although he started the downfall with softness, recruited well at times)--several bowl games but left for what he thought were greener pastures.
3-McIntyre (took over the program when it was at it's absolute lowest and brought some credibility back. He may actually be better than Neuheisel if he had had McCartney's players like Slicky.) South division title and one bowl game
4-Hawkins (so much positive energy at first, but took a huge torpedo immediately with the first game and first year then finished off sinking his own ship by playing son at quarterback. However, he did give us several big wins--Oklahoma, Georgia, West Va, Nebraska--one bowl game
5-Midnight Mel (hate on him, but he had a competitive season and recruited well but may have ruined us by leaving with the Pips on the Midnight Train to Michigan. He took a lot of mojo with him.)
6-Dorrell (had an asterisk season and recruiting not going well, but still early and he could move up or down this list) one bowl game, did I mention the asterisk?
7-Embree (tough go for some great Buffs. Not given the time to fix what they inherited)

This shows just how bad it's been that Hawkins still manages to rank 4th out of 7. So, Mr George, fans don't want to be patient anymore. Some of us are getting old and don't want to limp into the stadium or especially limp out. Saturday's game against USC was terrible because there were no signs of optimism except for possibility a punter who could be kicking on Sundays.

If I based it just on damage to the program it may turn out that Mel was the worst coach for the program.

Posted: 10/04/2021 at 2:11PM


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