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If you can’t pass the damn

ball they load the box. It ‘s nothing new everyone here knows that. Until a O is ligament the D has no fear. You can do all the motion BS you want the D just smiles. CU has excellent backs that have produced before this year. All of a sudden they stink ? I was at the Minn. game and some times they had 9 close to the LOS. . 83 passing yards a game won’t cut it unless you are one of the military academies. Once opposing DC sees a teams O weakness they become sharks smelling blood. Until that is fixed nothing will change. Lewis is not comfortable going thru his progression. Are the receivers getting separation ? Lewis at this time in his career is not comfortable with tight windows. USC will load the box to smother the run. Until CU can make them pay with ar least a decent passing attack NOTHING WILL CHANGE🦬🦬😎

Posted: 09/30/2021 at 12:06PM


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