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Trying to decide what will make me feel better about this program

Firing KD- nope, don’t know what the other side of that looks like. Who’s around who could come in mid-season and change the trajectory of this season, of this program?
Benching Lewis- nope, he may be young, inexperienced even incompetent but he seems to be a warrior. He got hit a couple of times that would have sidelined someone not as tough. Is the backup any better?
Fire Chev- yep. Don’t know what the other side looks like either just know that since he took to twitter to self promote for the HC job I knew he was not only not HC material but lacked basic qualities of leadership. Can he be a good WR coach, I say no. Was he a good recruiter, yes. But I’ve met great salespeople who couldn’t lead. He’s got ego paralysis. His ego gets in his way of self evaluation.
So I’ve come down to this, we’ll have a 2-10 season with or without Chev but he has to go.

Posted: 09/26/2021 at 10:50PM


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