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Recruiting, OL, and Coaching Prowess

We need three things to turn our program around: solid recruiting, an OL, and coaches with the prowess to develop players, create a good game plan, and equally important, make halftime adjustments that give us a chance to win. I don’t see that now.

I was profoundly disappointed the day RG hired KD. I have often wondered if RG was in severe pain following his back surgery, frustrated with Midnight Mel’s departure and the timing of the departure, and just wanted to find someone to move on. RG settled on KD. I will always wonder if his back issues played a critical role in that decision.

Midnight Mel seemed like a great hire by RG. For all his character flaws, Midnight Mel is a passionate coach, a compelling leader, and a man with a voracious drive to succeed. He carefully selects his assistant coaches. He motivates his players and staff. They believe in him and buy into what is trying to achieve. By his own definition, he is a relentless recruiter. He uses the transfer portal well. He has turned Michigan State around and is poised to have a surprising season. Still, I will always view him through the prism of his character flaws defined by what he did to CU after they gave him his first head coaching position. Simply put, for all his coaching attributes, he is not a man you can trust…either as a player, an assistant coach, an administrator, or a fan. RG cannot be blamed for Midnight Mel’s flaws.

KD is a decent, respectable man. Unfortunately, like many of you, I see KD as Hawkintyre 3.0. Like his two uninspiring predecessors, recruiting seems to be more of a burden rather than an opportunity to turn a program around. The concept of developing players can make a difference, if, and only if, you have coaches who possess the ability to develop players and you have the depth to allow those players the time to develop before they contribute as juniors or seniors. I don't believe we have either.

We will never have a competitive team until we recruit a sound OL. When Hawkins was first hired, he asked Bill McCartney to address the team. Coach Mac put five chairs in the front of the room. The players looked at one another wondering who was in trouble now? Coach Mac asked the five starting offensive linemen to take the chairs. When seated, Coach Mac told the team they would go as far as those five men could take them. It was true then and it is true now. When you have 2 QB’s, you have no QB. When you play 10 offensive linemen in a game, you have no OL. Johnny Unitas and Jim Brown would struggle in our offense.

I question the coaching prowess of KD and his staff. I credit KD with good game plans against UCLA and Stanford last year. We were fortunate to hang on when they adjusted at halftime and we did not. Had those games gone another 5 minutes, I believe we would have lost them both. We were simply outcoached by Utah, Texas, Texas A&M, and Minnesota in terms of game plans and adjustments.

We seem to lack basic fundamentals. When you are playing an aggressive defense, i.e., Texas, Texas A&M, and to a lesser extent, Minnesota, there are things you can do to try to turn that aggression to your advantage:

1.) Roll your QB out to the left or right with a moving pocket to give the QB more time to find his receivers;

2.) Use a series of screen passes to the left, right, or center to allow your OL to attack LB's and corners once the DL has taken themselves out of the play; and

3.) Use draw plays and counter plays with your RB to slow down the DL rush.

You may not win the game, but at least you can get some first downs and allow your defense to rest. These simple adjustments seem to be a foreign concept to our coaches.

A wise coach modifies his system to use the talent of his available players. Brendon Lewis was recruited as a run/pass QB. His first half success against Texas A&M featured his dual run/pass threat. I appreciate the concern that he will get hurt running behind our weak OL. I suggest he can also get hurt as the pocket continually collapses around him. It will take time for him to learn to become a pocket QB which seems to be KD’s intent. The game is too fast for him right now to read defenses as a pocket QB. He is better when he can roll out, make a LB or corner commit to the receivers or QB and then react accordingly. Consider it a wishbone offense with an option for a pass instead of a pitch. Occasionally use this in the game plan and you give Lewis a chance.

I was born a Buff, lived as a Buff, and will die a Buff. People who know me often ask how I think CU will do. I have grown weary over the last 15 years of saying that I have the lowest possible expectations as the season begins, but still manage to be disappointed when the season is over.

I still cling to the hope that one man can make a difference. We were at an all-time low, at that time, when Coach Mac took over the program. I believe Midnight Mel, if he stayed, could have turned our program around. Somewhere out there is an aggressive, talented young coordinator in a Power 5 program looking for a head coaching opportunity. I hope we find him and I hope we can hire him a couple of years from now.

Posted: 09/24/2021 at 5:50PM


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