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It hardly matters what position one played

It's the equivalent of saying a CEO can only be a person that went to college to study business ... or the only person that should ever be a BMW mechanic is someone that grew up racing them. Your presumption assumes the only way to learn how to coach is by playing, and that isn't true.

Furthermore, it's not unusual for guys to coach positions on the opposite side of the ball from what they played and some of the best coaches (both college and NFL) didn't even play football at a high level.

I think most common is for the OC to also be the QB coach, just because the two are so interrelated. Nonetheless, CU has had WR, RB, OL, and TE coaches serve as their OC.

If most of Chiv's knowledge comes from his playing days, then we are in trouble, but I would say that of just about every college and pro coach.

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Posted: 09/20/2021 at 12:00PM


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