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People need to understand that social media is not reality

Social media is like reality TV. As soon as the cameras start rolling, it is no longer reality. It's acting and it only shows a very small portion of what someone wants to reveal.

Here in Utah, Mormons are addicted to social media and they use it to convince everyone who sees their page that they have the perfect family that is blessed by God and they will spend eternity together in the Celestial (highest) kingdom. It's all bullshit. These people have the same problems as everyone elsedrugs, infidelity, etc. They are human. What they show on social media is exactly that- a show.

People also use social media to shotgun messages that often are total bullshit. Why?? Because they can and there is no filter or editor to ensure the information is accurate or even real. What's worse is that people will believe total strangers. Good Lord, I had a plumber at my house a few days ago and the entire time he worked he was spewing nonsense about Hitler living many years after WWII and JFK conspiracies and aliens and, yes, the Covid virus and all sorts of crap that he believes because it was online. What used to be in the National Enquirer is now on social media for all to see and believe.

This needs to be taught to kids. Don't look at social media as the "real world". It's mostly worthless garbage that comes from the depths of the minds of people who are often nutbars.

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