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QB Power

I'm a broken record on this one. I bitched about BL's (Lindgren's) offense under Sefo for a long time until I finally came to the conclusion that he understood the QBs he was working with. It may have been someone else on this board who pointed out the QB power play, or something I read, but it sold me. With the kind of offense Chiv seems to want to run, along with the fact that he's never had a pocket QB (other than Noyer last year), IMO QB power is the counter to keep LBs/safeties honest against these teams that can shut down that first RPO pass read. Maybe BL (Lewis) will develop or have a better shot against lesser defenses. He definitely keeps his eyes downfield better than SM when his first read is covered and he has to move.

This guy has a good analysis of the play Sefo was good at (SM, too, when we ran it) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zbgg6yJuN0.

And here's a queued video with two solid plays in a row inside the 10 against WSU in 2017. Not sure the 2nd one is QB power. It looks like an inside zone-read, but it almost looks like Lindsay was expecting to block. More of this, please.

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