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About Cliff Branch

Cliff Branch certainly deserves a Hall of Fame honor. He sadly passed away 2 years ago.

Cliff was a great guy, great teammate,great football player and great track sprinter. He was always friendly, happy and smiling. Cliff, or "CB" which is what he was frequently called, was probably the fastest guy in football while at Colorado and later in the NFL. Nobody could catch him when he played at Colorado. In 1971 we were a running team and he didn't have a lot of receptions. But he averaged 25.4 yards per catch. He ran the ball 9 times from scrimmage for an astounding 26.1 yards per carry. Cliff had 6 punt returns and 2 kickoff returns for touchdowns during the 2 years he played for the Buffs(1970 and 1971).

He had a 10.0 sec 100 meters at the NCAA outdoor track championships and once tied the world record for the 60 meter or 60 yard dash, I forget which. He had a 4.2 sec 40 yard dash and always had fun in practice racing different guys. He was so fast he could give guys a 5 to 7 yard head start in the 40 and still beat them. The only guy he couldn't give a head start to was Larry Brunson. "Bruns" was only a step behind Cliff. Cliff and Larry ran a 9.2 sec and 9.3 sec 100 yard dash, respectively. (100 meters is almost 10 yards longer than 100 yards).

This is taken from the cubuffs.com website:
"Football taught Branch to be unselfish, so upon learning of his pending induction into the Colorado Athletic Hall of Fame, he thought of those who helped him along the way. He was particularly fond of one individual, his old ball coach. "Eddie Crowder was a very, very honest, straightforward, special man, and he had a deep love for me," Branch said. "He is the one person I would always seek out when I came back to Colorado."
I remember Coach Crowder called Cliff by his full first name, "Clifford." I'm pretty sure he was the only one who would do that. Eddie was a special man and I felt the same way about him as Cliff did. I loved seeing Eddie when I visited Boulder.

Cliff Branch was a special man and great Colorado football player. I linked a short video of the game against Ohio State in 1971 that shows part of his punt return for a touchdown. You can see the speed as he outruns his blockers and anyone in a red jersey. I will also link a memorial for Cliff on a following post with a touching commentary from his oldest son.

(In response to this post by Shecky1)

Link: Cliff Branch punt return for TD. Colorado 20 Ohio State 14, 1971.

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