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Not at all what I said and you know it.

Dude, are you honestly holding up random comments on brietbart newsmax onan(what ever these are) as proof that America hates it's black athletes? Who searches for insightful sports commentary on these publications? These are public figures, and as such, are subject to the world wide court of random opinion. We are a nation that holds its sports hero's to nearly mythical status, regardless of the color of their skin! Tiger Woods was the most dominant golfer the world had ever seen during his heyday, and an American cultural phenomenon (only made possible and celebrated because of his mixed background) that made golf cool for everyone and not just white dudes in plaid pants. He was also a celebrity and a human that made some poor personal judgment choices in his Not so private life that left him open to immense public criticism just like every other public figure that ever been) The people you mention, by the very fact that we all know their names and are imbedded in our national psyche is proof that we are NOT a nation of racists.

I thought my point was obvious: Lets be more judicious and precise when we call someone a racist. Because you've seen a bug somewhere in your lifetime isn't proof that your house has a termite infestation.

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Posted: 07/30/2021 at 09:50AM


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