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I did not know abortion was a disease...

Apples and Oranges. Abortion does not spread to others. Your personal decision on abortion does not affect my health . Stop with the bible thumping," holier than thou" ,brainwashed bullshit.

I am sure the women who have faced the decision to terminate a pregnancy have faced the toughest decision of their lives. Remember this fact-over 70% of prison inmates and felons who commit violent crimes have been from an unwanted birth. This has been shown over and over in study after study. Spend a week teaching(you can tag along with me) in juvenile hall and you'll quickly see the reality.

I think the Catholic church would be better served cleaning up their own shit concerning abuse of children by gay priests-which is ILLEGAL. A huge number of priests(majority) are repressed homosexuals, but I am sure you knew this. Instead of focusing on an issue that is LEGAL (Abortion), how 'bout turning your attentionto an ILLEGAL issue-abuse of children by priests.


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