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As usual, you have not one clue what I base my opinion on or...

where I get my information and most of all, I can't see with my own eyes and hear with my own ears what someone a.h. like Paul was attempting to do with his stupid question about Fauci retracting his prior answer whenever he appeared before a committee before. THAT was all Paul cared about...making it look as if Fauci said something that he should retract and Fauci would not fall for his intimidation (the only thing Paul ever relies on) but refuse and to explain why he would not. Then Paul kept up harassing him and not allow him to speak. But when it came down to it, Paul didn't even try to understand that report but just use it as a reason to go after him. Doesn't matter if I understand it which I don't because I've never studied it or had it explained to me that made it so noteworthy because things and circumstances/situations turn all the time as more info comes out.

Gawd...you exhaust me because you are so great at your pretzel twisting. And I'm more of a big fan of Dr. Olsterholm and you would know that if you ever paid attention to what I say here.

(In response to this post by factchecker)

Posted: 07/22/2021 at 5:56PM


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