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He The “moving goalposts” on percent vaccination to reach herd immunity

Is pretty simple math.

Herd immunity percentage is (1-1/R0)*100

That means with an R0 of 2, (1-1/2)*100 = 50%
An R0 of 3, (1-1/3)*100 = 67%.

The more contagious the virus the higher the percent needed to protect. The delta variant has an R0 estimate of 6 with a range of 5-8. The original strain had an R0 of 2.4-2.6.

As the virus evolves to become more contagious, the percentage required climbs. Unlike some viruses in the past, this seems to have become more deadly as it has become more contagious.

The discussion over the research seems based around what is “Gain of Function”. The accusations and denials can be made. Independent experts who understand what was authorized and what “gain of function” is would be best qualified to answer.,what China did in the lab and If it was authorized to do so is another question.
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