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I didn't realize there was much more than corn in Iowa and Kansas

I could see adding Texas Tech, and either TCU or Baylor. Tech isn't exactly known for strong academics which I know PAC12 presidents would prefer to have. The PAC already has two private schools so I don't see how adding two more really helps the overall footprint even if they are in Texas.

But what do ISU, KU, KSU, and OSU offer in terms of tv and recruiting?

Assuming any of this happens the best situation is for the remaining 8 to add 8 more schools from the MW and AAC. KU and maybe one or two of the other Texas schools are likely to find a home in another conference. WVU might get added to the ACC and the conference stands at 15 until ND makes a decision to be the 16th member of the league. ISU could have a slim chance of getting an invite to the B1G. But I'm not familiar with state politics between Iowa and ISU.

If the MW and AAC were smart they would try to keep everyone together and gobble up the rest of the Big12, but I have a weird feeling that the Big12 is like a roach. No matter what it just won't die.

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