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LOL - No one gets me safely home before bedtime, because I'm such a night

owl, that I wake up in the middle of the night and go downstairs to read Netbuffs or e-mail ! Seriously, I have such a weird schedule where I tend to do chores for a few hours, then sleep for a few hours, then type on the computer for a few hours, then repeat it all. That's why I'm here at 3 A.M................I think you and William might have the same schedule. It's the "night owl crew" at Netbuffs.

On the death penalty, I think it's a very deep rabbit hole, with lots of side tunnels and lots of nuances. In general, I think that all life is precious, and I don't like to see it destroyed. So, I don't agree with statements like "He had it coming to him, because he wasn't vaccinated." Let's step up our efforts at education, let's get community leaders involved with our under-served communities of color, let's get rural health clinics and rural doctors involved in serving our rural population in farming communities throughout the Midwest and South. That's better than seeing death as "revenge".
But it's nuanced for me, because in times of war, or in times when our nation in threatened with foreign enemies who would do harm to us, then I think we have an issue of needing to defend ourselves. When Osama Bin Laden was located and killed by the Navy Seals, I thought that was a necessary means of defense.
This topic can get really long-winded and really involved. Lots of food for thought and lots of substance. I don't know anyone who doesn't have a very nuanced viewpoint about the death penalty or death in general. Thanks for bringing up this important discussion. -- B4E

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