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Newsflash... there are dumbf#cks everywhere...

it's just we have the greatest concentration in the southern USA.
Let's not make it complicated-too many are unvaccinated to avoid new restrictions in certain areas.
I made this point about 6 wees ago, when I first got a look at CDC ICU/Hospitalizations for hotspots. I said new lockdowns are coming and they are already here. You can thank
Laura Ingraham, Tucker, Maria Bartaromo, The MYPILLOW guy and other FOX TV jerks (what a disgrace-the entire network is a public health threat.) I am stunned so many believe believe this bullshit. Glad to see all the major universities are mandating a vaccine (including CU).

Economist/YouGov poll-51% unvaccinted believe there is a microchip in the vaccine. 51%!!!!!!!
You think you're going to change this groups' mind? Time to clean up the gene pool. Thankfully, Covid will do it for us


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Posted: 07/19/2021 at 11:35PM


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