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Get tested for anitbodies and/or immunity...although they are..

saying immunity doesn't last forever.

I also felt I had some form of it before it became news. I've never had allergies or chest/lung problems but I kept having bouts of an allergy cough. Dr. said "oh oh" when listening to my lungs. I think it really was the bronchial type not into the lungs because I basically had a tickle in the back of my throat that would cause me to cough and cough and sometimes gag, etc. Then I'd be ok and then it would happen again. I can't tolerate 12 or 24 hour allergy meds. They make me "woozy". I'm finally using some flonase type spray twice a day and trying to remember to turn on the air purifier in the bedroom. But I really think it's due to cat/dog dander and other stuff in the air in the house. We had some bad smoke air with all the fires in our local areas and the big ones farther north and that seems to always be a trigger too. It's always worse after the cleaning lady comes because it seems something that she uses, especially in the bathroom, triggers it. But it's the product we buy for her...Lysol tub/bath/all purpose type cleaners.

Or I'm just getting so old, everything is bothering me. Forgot to mention, the doctor RXd some antibiotic after she said.."oh oh" which I took, which helped for about two weeks and then it started up again.

Probably not covid, just allergies I will have to suffer with. And also, one can develop a "nervous cough" that becomes a habit, etc. And I have plenty of "nervous" issues for sure!

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Posted: 07/19/2021 at 10:37PM


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