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Good questions

Nothing classified or top secret here.

The President has two aircraft that typically serve as Air Force One and four aircraft (also 747s) that serve as NEACP (National Emergency Airborne Command Post). NEACP is the plane the President would get on in the case of a major emergency, such as a nuclear war. The "Presidential support" I'm talking about is the flight crew that gets him from Point A to Point B on Air Force One. The Commander in Chief always has a dedicated flight crew and maintenance technicians that only work on his aircraft. Likewise, there is a fleet of modified Boeing 707s (VC-135s) that are used to get Congresspeople where they need to go, and they also have dedicated flight crews and mechanics. I know several people who worked Presidential support or Congressional support, so they got to know what these politicians are really like.

I know a former Air Force Navigator who flew Bill and Hillary several times and he despises them. Says they were extremely rude and didn't understand the problems they caused when they made demands. Bill was Commander in Chief but they were flying on Congressional VC-135s because the Presidents 747s were down for maintenance. Hillary was furious and took our her anger on the "little people". My buddy says the Bush's were terrific. Very friendly, down to earth people who openly expressed their gratitude to the people working for them.

Yes, the presidents aircraft usually has a fighter escort. Plus, there are fighters and refueling tankers that can be scrambled for support very quickly. One of the NEACP aircraft always stays very close ,as well, in case the President needs to get onboard.

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