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If I were D's, I would

not want that craziness to go away, nor the offspring (Boobert and that bat$hit crazy chick from GA). I'm guilty of clicking on everything Trump. It's like a car crash. I listened to a conservative dude interview him the other day. It was as equally depressing as hearing Lemon bash him. Two sides of crazy.

As a fiscal conservative I wish Trump would go away and R's get disciplined with at least the following items:
1. Crazy spending and future cost to kids
2. Excess regulation damaging the economy
3. Public schools not performing and recipes to fix or at least give folks choice (after this past year should be a winner).
4. Lose the 'fighting' language and adopt language that is nicer. Like Reagan used to do. Basically saying 'well liberals mean well, they aren't evil, they just aren't very smart with your hard earned money'. Instead Trump and his merry band of idiots just babble about generalities, like being a 'constitutionalist' and wanting to 'fight'.
5. Border security
6. Law enforcement support but no unlimited

Regarding our state, it is lost imo for R's until leadership turns over. They recently had the opportunity, but instead nominated a homeschooling constiutionalist lawyer lady who loves to 'fight'. Boy that will really get those suburban women back in the party (not).

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