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Naomi Osaka. Would LeBron or Kershaw get the same pass from

the press if they pulled out of press conferences?

Osaka is probably being brave by speaking out about the mental anguish she's going through. However, there's that voice from my younger days telling me maybe she should suck it up. So, is it a mental health or mental toughness issue?

Politicians and alpha athletes like LeBron, Mahomes, Serena would be vilified if they did that, fair or not.

Is speaking to the press too much to ask of an athlete considering the amount of money they make? It seems to be part of the gig. She needs to work on those skills.

I hope Osaka figures it out, she has incredible talent.

Sports figures have gotten softer since they made schools use foam balls for dodgeball. 😑 We're experiencing the wussification of America.

Posted: 06/01/2021 at 5:48PM


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